Facebook, privacy and few helpful tools

Over ten years ago, Sun’s CEO told us to “You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.” In a few circles Facebook is becoming about as trusted as BP or Phillip Morris. And in my opinion, this is justified. While I agree with Scott McNeally’s assessment, I don’t agree with his sentiment. We shouldn’t get over it, we should guard what’s left of it.

We should all realize that our digital community is a little more like the small town life filled with nosy neighbors, than an anonymous big city. Privacy is something we should all take seriously and only share what we’re entirely comfortable with everyone in Mayberry knowing – even Aunt Bea.

Here are a couple tools that can help you understand what is public about you or anyone else on the Facebook.



Here’s a tool that may actually help you stay a little more private.


The truth is that Facebook is constantly changing how they address privacy. And because advertisers are Facebook’s customers and not you, Facebook is unlikely to hold your privacy more dear than ad revenue.

To paraphrase what a South Carolina State trooper once said to a smart-asssed New Yorker friend “when on Facebook, you act like you Moma is looking over your shoulder all the time.”

And one more thing; it doesn’t hurt to Google yourself every now and then too. You never know what you might find.

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