The quickest way to contact me for an urgent project is by text at 404 357-0301. Otherwise feel free to send me an email using the form below. Please let me know a little bit about your project including dates and any equipment requirements. This will allow me to let you know right away if I’m available to mix your production.

    I’ve worked as a location sound mixer on all types of productions including movies, TV shows, short films, corporate communications and commercials. If I’m not the best mixer for your project or am busy, I’ll be happy to point you in the direction of a well qualified mixer who can help you out.

    Thanks for reaching out and look forward to discussing the details of your very important production. I love solving problems and creating solutions to help producers make great productions. Because I’m often on location I cannot always contact you immediately. But as soon as I get a break from shooting will text or call you back. We work in a business where decisions often have to be made quickly and therefore will not hesistate to let you know my availablity.