Sound Mixing Clients

My sound mixing clients reflect the huge diversity of productions happening in the state of Georgia. I have worked on projects for the top networks, organizations, and companies in the world including ABC, NBC, ESPN, NBA, CBS, BET, Tyler Perry Studios, Hallmark, Weather Channel, Business Insider, Public Square Media, Apple, Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Kroger, AirBnB, Funny or Die, 48 Hours, 20/20, Universal, Facebook, EA Sports, Black Lives Matter and many, many more. I work a lot. So my sound mixing client list and experience keeps growing. I’d love to work with you too!


I recorded Nature Boy’s rant during this. Yes, it was fun to meet Mr. Flair.

These samples reflect just a few of my sound mixing clients. I work on new video productions for sound mixing clients just about every week. Some are commercials where I work with larger crews of up to 100 people. Others are corporate videos which are a lot smaller. And then news or ENG jobs can be just me, a cameraman and a producer. The productions I work on are wide-ranging and I enjoy the unique challenges they all provide.

I’d love to work with you on your next project whether it’s light entertainment or a heavy documentary. I enjoy working with and meeting new people and love the work I do. Please reach out to me and let’s discuss your video production project.