Wired or Wireless Audio Recording for Production Sound

Wireless lavs have become the industry standard on set. For some good reasons too. They’re pretty reliable and the good ones sound excellent. But are there times when it might not make sense to use them? There sure are.

While you may get 99.9% reliability when using gear like Lectrosonics diversity systems, even the best wireless is not infallible. The most common problem wireless users deal with is RF interference. As the wireless systems that location sound mixers use improves, unfortunately also the amount of wireless technology in the environment grows exponentially. This means there are more and more radio signals bouncing around set. These can be anything from cell phones towers, electrical equipment, and TV and radio transmission. Unfortunately, intermodulation and signal bleed means it isn’t always as simple as not being on the same channel as the local TV station.

For drama and commercials, it may make perfect sense to use wireless on every take. It’s possible to repeat the take or get wild lines should you encounter a problem. You can even ADR

But what if this is a once in a lifetime interview with a celebrity or politician? What if this is for live broadcast? When the subject isn’t moving, having your sound mixer connect to the interviewee by wire may make more sense. Because a blown take may not be an option.

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