Are you just glad to have a job?

Well, that blows. Really, it does.

I know a lot of people just like you. After all, the economy is awful, so who would quit any job? Even if you’re severely overworked.

There have been days, where I’ve felt just like you. Thankfully, it’s not persistent.

Fortunately, my job is pretty diverse. Wasn’t always that way. But possibly becuase I demonstrate to the people that I work for I have a passion for more than just my core competency, they let me do more. That means that yesterday I was a photographer and today I’ll be a social media strategist and copywriter.

So maybe my passion for copywriting is running a little low. So what, I’ve got plenty of social media stuff to do to. Just power through the writing and get to the juicy stuff.

Extra hats around the office are often viewed as a problem. But they’re not if you can find a passion for them. Like I have for this blog or say my photography.

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