Location Sound Gear

I own cart-based and bag-based location sound packages that include well-maintained, high-quality industry-standard location sound gear including Sound Devices mixers and recorders, Lectrosonics wireless systems, and Sennheiser, DPA, and Sanken microphones. I also have Denecke timecode slates and timecode boxes plus Comtek and Lectrosonics IFB. I offer standard packages at standard rates or let me know what you need for your shoot and I will make it available at market cost. If you’re arriving from out of town and need a few random things like stingers, sandbags, and c-stands I can bring those as well.

Recorders and mixers:
Sound Devices 688 12 channel mixer and 16 track recorder
Sound Devices 664 12 channel mixer and 16 track recorder

Lectrosonics SRC Wideband Receivers
Lectrosonics Wideband Transmitters
Lectorsoncs 400 series hybrid wireless transmitters and receivers
DPA lavalier microphones
Sanken lavalier microphones 
Lectrosonics Camera Hops 

Wired Microphones:
Sennheiser, Sanken and DPA microphones

Comtek system for client monitoring
Lectrosonics R1a IFB for the director, on-air talent, and boom operator monitoring

Sync Boxes 
Denecke Timecode Slate

I always aim to please my clients. Just let me know what type of package you’d like on your shoot and we’ll be happy to bring along the right package for your job. You can contact me here to discuss your next video production project in detail.


Our location sound gear includes Lectrosonics wireless systems.
Lectrosonics wideband wireless microphone systems
Location sound gear on set of BudLight shoot
Location sound equipment set up on the set of a documentary shoot.