Production Sound Report

When working on a production the sound mixer usually submits a report on what the recorded during the days shoot. This is called the sound report. This sound report is circulated to interested parties who might need the information once files are handed over at the end of the day to postproduction. This includes the […]

Improving Production Sound

Improving production sound is usually a matter of understanding what to pay attention to and when to pay attention to it. It’s a matter of awareness that young producers and inexperienced producers often don’t have. Or, in some cases, location scouts fail to take note of. If you are planning to do a fundraising project […]

Prepping location sound gear

For most larger productions, a mixer has a day or two for prepping location sound gear to ensure they will be ready for the day when they get to set. Most mixers own more sound gear than they bring to a typical job. Or they rent sound equipment that they don’t usually use except for […]

I’m a guest on the Location Sound Podcast

Just as the Covid-19 crisis was setting hold, I logged on with Michael (The Sound Guy) Helms to discuss sound mixing and how the pandemic was affecting us in the production business for the Location Sound Podcast. Michael is great to talk to and knows his stuff when it comes to production sound mixing so […]

The Location Sound Package

Unlike other department heads on production, the sound mixer is expected to bring all of the required gear to the job, we generally call this our location sound package. Perhaps, the only downside in having locks that are tough to crack, is when you’re locked out of the car or the house, but you can […]

How To Hire A Location Sound Mixer

Hiring a location sound recordist might feel like buying a pig in a poke to those not familiar with the sound department. I find most producers and PMs know only a little bit about the equipment and processes happening in the audio department where they’re much more technically knowledgeable about the camera department. This doesn’t […]

Wireless Microphones In Today’s Crowded RF Spectrum

The radio spectrum for wireless microphones is getting really crowded. Really, really crowded. And if you’re a producer you should be concerned. So why should you be concerned? Well because your production is likely a source of a lot of wireless pollution and potentially a could be compromised by technicians who are not familiar with […]

The job of a location sound mixer.

Depending on who you ask, the job of a location sound mixer has many different definitions. You ask a young mixer and they might say their job is a technical one understanding gain structure, audio engineering principals, microphones and lav micing techniques. You ask the DP and she may likely feel the job of the […]

What’s in a standard location sound package?

A standard location sound package isn’t exactly the same for every mixer but there are some pretty fairly standard things that producers expect and we mixers try to comply the best we can. Industry parlance in North America for a standard location sound package is “Two wires and a boom.” What does this mean? Two […]

How to evaluate a location for sound.

It’s very rare that the sound department is brought along on the tech scout for smaller productions. Therefore, it’s the small productions that usually end up with sound problems that they can’t afford to “fix in post.” Sound is more physics than art so you can reduce how good your sound is going to be […]