Atlanta Soundmixer Rate Card

Labor Rates

A guaranteed 10 hour day for non-union work is $950.00. Each additional hour is $140.00 till 12 and double time after that. 10-hour turnaround is required.

Union jobs are a guaranteed 10 at a negotiated rate.

There are no half-day rates as I block my entire day to be at your service. Because of the nature of the production business, it’s impossible for me to book more than one job per day.


Travel Day: Equals Day Rate

Mileage: IRS Mileage

Per Diem: GSA Rates or higher for certain locals

Outside Local Area: Portal To Portal hourly rate plus GSA mileage will be billed.

Expendables: Negotiated based on script

Payment Due: 15 Days, 50% deposit required for new clients

Late Fee: 10% Compounded Monthly

Cancelation Fee: 100% less than 48 Hours Before Date, 50% 7 Days Before Shoot Date

Equipment Rates

Certificate of Insurance (COI) is Required

Basic two wires and a boom package is $450.00 for sit down interview days. Cart packages for commercials are $650 and up. This includes a, top-of-the-line, Sound Devices recorder, two Lectrosoncis wireless systems with DPA or Sanken lavs, and a Sennheiser, Schoeps or Sanken boom microphone. Also included are all necessary cables, batteries, and wiring accessories to complete a 10 hour day.

Additional Audio Equipment:

Lockit Boxes: $75

Slates: $75

Comtek: First (including transmitter) $50, each additional is $25

Additional Wireless Lavs or Boom: $100 per additional channel

Director or talent IFB: $100 for first additional at $50

Wireless Camera Stereo Hop: $200.00

Large packages for multi-week narrative shoots are negotiable and start at $750 per day including Comtek, wireless boom, timecode and wireless for small cast counts.