Social media and my half marathon

Tomorrow I’m running the Atlanta Half Marathon. Back in my early 20s I would have been much better prepared for this effort. I was a competitive cyclist and didn’t have the same job and family commitments I do today. In fact, the old me would probably say that present me is ill prepared.

So what the @#%^ am I thinking running a half marathon tomorrow?

Actually I’m not mad. I’m simply using some principals from social media.

I’ve listened. I’ve done my research. I know what’s expected to participate properly.

I understand the community. Sure, there will be some serious athletes there, but most will be weekend warriors just like me.

I’ve created a strategy for both success and failure. If I make it to the finish I have a ride home. If I don’t, I’ll have 20 bucks for a cab.

I’m getting in the mix. I’m engaging. I’ll have a chance to connect with other runners and have a great time. And that, not my time, will be the reward.

So I hope you have a great turkey day. I know I will.

Update: I finished the Atlanta Half Marathon in a not so respectable two and a half hours. But I was pleased that I did it. I learned that I was capable of doing it, even when I wasn’t completely prepared. And now I have a more clear idea what I need to do to be better prepared next year and have greater success. These are good things that far outweigh the unpleasant lactic acid build-up that’s already passed.

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