Give yourself a holiday bonus

It’s been a difficult year in advertising and marketing to say the least. The worst in my memory. And the memory of everyone I’ve talked to – even the old timers.

Signs point to a recovery in the spring for most businesses but the agency business is always quicker to suffer in downturns and the last to reap the benefits of an upswing. This means the real hiring gains may not be felt till summer and maybe even later. Plus many traditional agency jobs may be gone forever as budgets shift permanently to web based marketing.

What’s a poor soul to do in such a challenging environment? Give your self a holiday bonus. No. Don’t go out and spend money on something expensive and fun. Rather, do something for yourself that will improve you and your marketability. Like:

Read a book on social media marketing. I can recommend two – Word of Mouth Marketing and Groundswell.

Take a class, do an online tutorial, or read a book on a new program and actually learn it. Any skill development or Web related will certainly be positive for your future.

Improve your presentation skill by taking a improv class or joining toastmasters.

Volunteer to take on a new initiative at work.

Become expert in another marketable skill that you already have. I’m currently refining my photography sills.

What do you think people can do for themselves for the holidays? I’d love to know what you think.

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