27 tips for business tweeters. Or a Twitter cheat sheet.

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A few months ago a client asked for a cheat sheet on how to uses social media tools. Here’s more or less what I gave them on Twitter. See something important missing, let me know and I’ll add it. Note: This list isn’t a substitute for a strategy.

  1. Follow some good tweeters to get a feel for it and find a voice you feel comfortable using. There is no one right voice.  @chrisbrogan, @postachio, @comcastcares, @delloutlet and @lancearmstrong are examples of popular tweeters using very different styles.
  2. Understand frequent users will never visit your twitter.com page. Your brand/identity must be in your communication or where you send users.
  3. Use Bit.ly or other tool to shorten links and collect data.
  4. Use CoTweet or HootSuite to optimize your workflow and track analytics.
  5. Engagement is earned with time and by providing value. You must be dedicate significant time to get any value from it.
  6. Be helpful is the Golden Rule of social media.
  7. Use Twitter lists to manage the information flow.
  8. Add to conversations that are already happening instead of expecting them to come to you.
  9. Re-tweet often – people like to be patted on the back. Add a comment/value to your re-tweet.
  10. Try and reply to @ messages, but you don’t have to reply to everyone
  11. Try and thank people for re-tweeting.
  12. Ignore the “What are you doing?” question and answer more interesting questions like, “What interests you right now? What did you just discover? What are you passionate about? What is something positive you can share?”
  13. Frequency is key. Don’t feel bad for tweeting the same message again if it’s valuable.
  14. A message will be viewed on someone’s Twitter page or Twitter client only if they happen to be looking at it at the time when you Tweet. And you probably have a lot of competition for attention. Again, frequency is key.
  15. Tweet about other people you respect – no one likes anyone who only talks about themselves.
  16. Give followers somewhere to go, some news, or something to do or read. There’s no interaction without action.
  17. People will follow your tweets if you provide them what they find valuable. Usually that’s news, inside information, entertainment or deals.
  18. Use search engines or Twitter client to create searches on relevant topics and your brand.
  19. Use Google Alerts.
  20. Find other users with similar interests and follow them, get a feel for what they’re doing and engage them.
  21. If possible, have more than one tweeter.
  22. Obviously, be ethical and transparent.
  23. Let people know you’re on Twitter by putting your username on e-mail signatures, web sites, blogs and offline communications.
  24. Try and follow people back who seem legitimate; this gives them the opportunity to direct-message you…which could be important.
  25. Don’t be boring. Don’t just Tweet PR language or links to press releases. This is not a push medium.
  26. Don’t treat it like a broadcast mechanism for advertising.
  27. Don’t read every tweet; you’ll go mad.

Update: If you found this list useful, check out my Facebook Fan Page tips for business users.

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