Monday morning ROI quarterbacking, ad Super Bowl of fiascos and some sentiment analysis

OK so you just dropped 2.5 million on media and another half million on production for what? Pissing off a of women who make up 52% of your demographic and influence almost every purchase on the planet. Great job Dodge, Bud Light, Dove. And Audi, really? Not like the Twitterverse wasn’t telling you don’t do it.

Now that I got all that off my chest, here’s a quick take on what the social sphere had to say about things in the macro sense. The USA Today admeter and just about everything else I’ve seen has picked out Doritos as the winner, then Google, and then Snickers. Snickers definitely saw a huge spike but not in the same league as Doritos. Google already has so much discussion online, running a TV spot on the Super Bowl doesn’t show as dramatic spike and it kinda ruins the graph, so I left it off. In case you’re wondering though, it does occupy a big chunk of the “super bow ads” conversation along with Tim Tebow. The Tim Tebow ad doesn’t win any creative awards but Focus On The Family made an excellent strategic play in creating buzz around their ad.

Ok. So we have some discussion but what does it all mean. For Doritos it has definitely moved sentiment in the right direction.

What would be downright frightening to see if one were a Dodge executive is the sentiment trend for the last two days. That was a big stinking pile of money to spend on an ad that pisses women off. Now only single men, who don’t ever want to date a woman will be able to buy that car. Good thing I drive a 10 year old Honda.

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