Top 10 reasons to rant somewhere other than your blog or your Twitter account

Some people love to rant. Even more people love to rant on a blog. Some blogs were even created for people to rant about politics, the price of milk, or even their ex’s grooming habits.

In the non-digital world, people find that kind of behavior repulsive. They simply don’t want to be around people that are negative. It’s true online too, don’t believe me? Read this great post by Brian Solis on the subject, he’s got numbers to prove people don’t want to hear about your problems. So if you blog or tweet about your brand, your business, or even your personal brand and you use negative language, you’ve got a problem.

Top 10 reasons people don’t want to hear your rant:

  1. People read blogs because they’re looking for helpful opinions. Ranting only helps you vent.
  2. You’re readers will tune you out.
  3. People will think you’re a hot head. Do you really want clients or a potential employer to think you’re a hot head?
  4. You’re only as  funny as Lewis Black in your mind. You’re readers won’t get it.
  5. Most people are put in timeout for having tantrums offline.
  6. The squeaky wheel gets the grease but not page hits or followers.
  7. No one respects a complainer.
  8. Negative advertising doesn’t work for a leader.
  9. Even your mom hates it when you whine.
  10. A successful blog champions solutions not problems.

So next time you feel like ranting, call a friend instead. Then sit down and think about how you can flip your rant on it’s head and write about solutions to the problem that has you so worked up. Channel the negative energy and do something positive with it instead. You’re readers will thank you for it by reading the post instead of tuning you out.

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