Top 13 things every advertising copywriter should know about SEO

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Most ad agencies have historically hired specialists to handle the digital part of the equation – leaving creatives to play and not worry so much about the technical details. After all, they’ve got plenty on their plate learning programs, production skills, and just cranking out killer creative. Who needs another skill set to worry about?

Now with job scarcity the way it is, agencies are raising their expectations of digital knowledge. Partially because clients are starting to demand it of agencies as well. And, of course, they haven’t done a great job of training creatives in these concepts.

It’s up to us as professionals to take our own development seriously. Shit always rolls down hill, doesn’t it? So here are a few things copywriters should think be thinking about in relationship to SEO.

  1. SEO isn’t an even suckier new version of REO Speedwagon. It means Search Engine Optimization.
  2. You cannot ignore SEO anymore. Your job now includes digital and no one else will fix your mistakes.
  3. Even if your boss doesn’t get it, you better. It’s called responsibility.
  4. Their are no magic bullets or techniques that make it easy. That was Black Hat SEO and its days are over.
  5. Never let the developer or Art Director put the content in Flash or images.
  6. Buy a book on SEO like this one. (Worthwhile, I’ve actually read it).
  7. Google doesn’t want you to game the system so there are no hard and fast rules.
  8. You won’t loose your membership to the creative club if you add keywords to your copy. Well, unless you do it hackneyed.
  9. If you’re aware of SEO when you start a project, you can make smart word choices and design decisions that won’t screw up your concept.
  10. Search engines rank keyword density but they are also programmed to notice too many keywords. If your copy is super-laden with keywords it will suck and no one will read it or share it. Double foul, shame on you.
  11. You can still make fun of the tech guys if you take digital seriously.
  12. SEO isn’t everything. Social Media Optimization is now very important. Oh, and there’s that whole well designed and written thing too.
  13. People will think you’re a geek when you correct them on SEO in meetings. But at least they’ll respect you.
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