Turning the tables at the agency with social media

Probably the most fun thing about the agency embracing social media has been the internal learning around the agency’s blog. Along with Jonathan, I play a central role in editing and administrating it.

Being a copywriter, you may think I’m going “yeah, it’s funny to see an AE struggle with the blank page.” (It’s not, because that means we’re going to miss a deadline if they don’t come up with something quickly.) Actually, what I love is that our internal dialog is reversed, spread out, and more democratic while blogging.

The way things usually work is with process. And process is great and  great process can create great work at an agency. But when that process is flipped on it’s head, with employees evaluating  the execution and content of articles written by people not with in our departments or that are higher up the pyramid, it forces everyone to engage in a thoughtful internal dialog. Here are a couple examples:

One of our senior account executives wrote a piece about a campaign we had both worked on. I had some very specific feedback on some of his content. It seems both of us had come away with different leanings from a significant job. And we may have never had that discussion with social media.

In another post, our Director of Account Service, describes the importance of monitoring and how it’s structured for our clients. Social Media is something I’m involved with on a daily basis but business end is something I’m not.

Working on articles with our agency president has been the most interesting. Not only am I learning a different perspective on the industry but I get to collaborate and learn from someone I rarely get to work with. This helps me to see the business through her eyes and hopefully she’s able to gain a wee bit of prospective from me.

If you don’t have an blog for your business, I encourage you to start one. It’s a great way for clients to learn about your business but it can also be a great tool for internal learning too.

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