From the agency blog: Nine reasons the media revolution is really an evolution.

A recent article I wrote for my former employer’s blog:

Studios are reporting the biggest Memorial Day weekend ever.  Why is this important? The advertising industry is consumed these days with articles about the “changing” media landscape, detailing why it will never be the same. While it’s important that we keep up with the advancement of media technology, it’s also important to recognize that we’re not experiencing a rapid, wholesale transformation of an entire society’s media consumption habits. People still love to go to the movies, watch cable television, and, gasp, read the occasional newspaper.

What we’re experiencing is more of an evolution. Some people are quickly adopting  new technology – but not everyone. And many of the adopters aren’t necessarily dumping the old media but rather adding another way to consume media to their diet. Here are nine statistics that might surprise you if you’ve spent too much time reading and listening to the gurus.

  • While every social media expert may own an iPhone, most Americans still don’t own any smartphone at all.
  • Unlike me, most people aren’t dumping cable for Internet TV. More people than ever are subscribing to broadband Internet and cable TV.  Only 3.9 percent have broadband.
  • 45 percent of all ads recorded on DVRs are actually viewed.
  • Only 10 percent of Americans have devices that connect their TVs to the Web.
  • The top bandwidth hog for mobile is e-mail, not social networking.
  • Pop stars are still selling millions of singles.
  • E-book sales may be skyrocketing, but only 5 percent of people own a dedicated device to read one on.
  • People are using iPads with TV, not instead of it.
  • Most people are not interested in owning a 3-D television. In fact, most don’t even own an HD set yet.

So what’s the takeaway for a marketer who wants to make the most out of the latest technology? Know your customer, learn her habits, and you’ll find it easy to speak to her where she is.

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