Google Plus mania. Are we missing the forrest for the tree?

It seems when Google or Apple unveils some product the Twittersphere goes nuts for a few days or maybe a week. People have being flaming the comment streams and message boards over FCP X for the last week, Google Buzz was a huge topic of conversation for about three days. Wave, a little longer but even then, it turned out to be a giant flop. Oh, and do you remember when Google Voice was the invite to get?

However, Google constantly has a lot of new stuff and beta stuff happening. Maybe you didn’t know it but there’s also Music Beta happening (check it out).  And over at Google Labs you can tweak your search or check out new products that aren’t +. Also did you know about Here you’ll find out how Google is trying to save the world.

This isn’t a puff piece about Google, I have good and bad feelings about how they’ve affected the advertising industry. What I am saying is that social media causes us to act very mob like. We get so focused on the present shiny object as a group that we fail to talk about all the other stuff that’s happening and, even more exciting, the larger trends that truly affecting our careers and lives. Like say, mob behavior.

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