From the Kilgannon Blog: Google+ is here. What should marketers do about it.

This article is reposted from KilgannonSays, my former employers blog.

Last week the Twittersphere was all abuzz about Google+. A simple search shows the network already has 9 million users. Probably even more by the time you read this.  My first impression is that it is no Google Wave, Apple Ping, or even Google Buzz. In fact, I’m predicting a hit – probably not on the scale of Facebook, but a hit nonetheless.

While 9 million is still a paltry sum compared to Twitter’s 200 million or Facebook’s 750 million users, Google+ is destined to be a place where marketers can learn about their customers and effectively target them. Not to mention, a good showing on the social network should have a positive effect on your brand’s search engine recognition.

So what’s a brand to do? Wait, mostly. Google+ is by invite only for the time being. Your business can apply to be one of a limited number of businesses on Google+ in the future. Of course, as an individual, once you’re on the network, you can hock your wares to anyone willing to listen.

Soon, you’ll be able to monitor your brand’s activity on Google+, at least in public posts. This should provide a valuable new way to gather information and respond to customers and potential prospects.

Remarkably, Google+ is currently ad free. But just like YouTube, search, and most of Google’s other products, contextual and banner ads are certain to arrive.

As new functionality is revealed, opportunities will arise. Marketers should pay attention to changes here and, for that matter, at all the social networks.

Whether or not your business takes an active role on Google+ depends on if it makes good business sense. Ask yourself: Are your business customers there? Can your business communicate valuable information to them on the site?

Has Google+ factored into your marketing plans yet? If so, how do you plan on using it?

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