Ten things I never thought I’d learn as a copywriter

One of the great things about being an advertising creative is that you get to learn something new everyday. It’s often something about a client’s business that’s far afield of one’s normal interest. It could be something mundane like an arcane law that governs a business or a manufacturing process, maybe something very interesting about a subculture or it could even be something about a popular sport in another part of the world. All keep me from being bored and learning every single day.

Without further ado, the 10 most arcane or baffeling things I never thought I’d learn over a decade ago when I started this journey as an ad creative.

  1. What the hell a “blowdown stack” is.
  2. The rules and stars of “international test cricket”.
  3. How to code a reversed ordered list in HTML.
  4. What CR39 is.
  5. What a charette is and that you’re probably being manipulated.
  6. In some circles, “floorplan” is a verb.
  7. Anything what so ever about the waste water industry.
  8. How that package that cooks french fries in a microwave works.
  9. That a used car guy can tell more about a car by looking at the backseat than he can by looking at the odometer.
  10. More than I ever wanted to know about industrial computing.

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