Video Content Marketing: Who is it for?

A lot of marketing professionals wonder if video content marketing is something they want to bother with. It can seem like a lot of money and work.

I won’t say that everyone has to do it, heck there are always exceptions to rules, but every marketer should at least thoughtfully consider it. Inbound marketing is a hot trend now and the benefits are there for companies doing it correctly over time.

Every company’s video content should look and feel quite different depending on its category and brand. What will your look and feel like? Well, you’ll have to answer a few questions.

Is your brand B to B or B to C? People shopping for business products are generally more information focused than average consumers.That means your content marketing should be more information heavy for business shoppers and more entertaining for consumers.

Is your product an impulse purchase or is it a long term purchase? A consumer’s buying experience is completely different for a candy bar and a life issuance policy. One impulsive, the other is thoughtful. Your content should reflect that.

What is your brand’s image/identity? Your content should feel like it’s spoken from the brand’s voice.

It should work in sync with your current marketing and advertising. If your current plan hasn’t accounted for this then you should probably take another look.

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