An Ad Guy Explains Trump: Human Viral Video

10 years ago every single advertising client would ask “make us a viral video.” Back then, there was still the slight possibility a brand could make a really outrageous video and people would spread it for you via email and social media. But they still all want content that will generate eyeballs without buying ad time. Unlike for Trump, for brands those days are over. YouTube and Facebook don’t need free content circulate and they now charge real money providing corporations media space. Wanna get played, you’re gonna have to pay.

Now we even have a “viral video chart” chart made up of the biggest spenders in the business. No frogs in blenders or dancing babies in this thing. Just a bunch of stuff that agencies paid major bucks to get in your Facebook and YouTube feeds. Leading today with 55 million views – a really boring product video on for a new Samsung tablet.

But head over to YouTube and look at their top trending videos and leading the pack is a video from someone claiming to be the guy who climbed Trump Tower. Go down the list and there’s a bunch of Olympic videos and Trump videos. Not much on Hillary besides a very negative one on her email scandal. Look at what’s trending on Twitter and you’ll see Trump next to Kylie Jenner.

So what is going on here? Trump is a celebrity and can leverage his celebrity to get his hyperbolic content into the media system like a Kanye West stage dive. All The Donald needs to do these days is stand in front of a camera and keep saying outrageous and sarcastic things until one of them catches on and he takes over yours and everyone else’s Facebook feeds. Not to mention CNN, MSNBC, Fox etc. Trump opens his mouth and literally becomes a viral video. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter should be charging him.

Disclaimer. I’m not supporting either candidate. I’m just using Trump as an illustration of advertising principles.

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