Hey, Creatives! Do you know what your job is?

A lot of ad creatives (and my students) think their job is to create the best damn creative humanly possible on every single assignment they get. That’s awesome and I get it. It’s also a good long-term career goal. You’ve got to always be selling improving your portfolio and track record.

But how does one really go about excelling at their job on a daily basis? This is where it’s important to look at the negative. What if you do excellent work day in and day out but the client doesn’t buy it? The answer is pretty simple. The client pretty is going to stop paying a retainer for your services. Why should they pay your salary if you’re not giving them something they feel they can buy? Your creative director will have no choice but to fire you. Sucks, don’t it?

The day after you’re hired by an employer your job is to do the best damn work which you can SELL to the client. You should learn how they client thinks. To learn how to sell to them. Yeah, they may initially say things that will make you think they want shit. But hear them out and see how you can do something that they will buy, will do a great job for them and will also be killer in your book.

Have fun!

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