Why creative people love problems

Problems, problems. We creatives love problems. We embrace them with open arms, eyes and minds. Problems are the things that get us up in the morning.

You see, if everything was going swimmingly, no one would ever need us. We like to be needed and appreciated. The bigger the problem, the more we feel needed and excited to get to work.

But this love of problems can also make us a really annoying group. We uncover the uncomfortable and we expose it to sunlight. Then we want to examine it and talk about it.  Then we figure find out how it got so bad. Bit by bit we get down to the root of the problem so that we can find the solution.

This can be extremely uncomfortable for our account teams, our clients and our managers who sometimes would rather gloss over problems and sell some damn work. This situation can turn us from annoying people into frustrated jerks. That sucks but it doesn’t have to go this way.

When we as creatives learn to frame our discussion more on finding solutions than analyzing problems, people tend to like us better. We’re not seen as dream busters but the dream builders we think ourselves as every time we find that magical creative solution.

Go find a problem today and turn it into a opportunity to build a dream.

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