Binary thinking vs creative thinking

Non-creative people think about things in either yes or no. It’s blue or not. The project is completed or not. The books balance to zero or not.

This is what most people do at their jobs everyday. They look for binary patterns and make decisions based on those patterns.

This is a great skill if you’re say a manager. Either an employee is following the correct pattern or not.

Binary thinking has crept more and more into marketing and advertising thanks to big data and increasing reliance on metrics.

Unfortunately this type of thinking is useless if you need to break the pattern and develop a new creative solution. You must reject binary thinking and force your brain to re-arragne information and find new solutions.

To get your audience, who are mostly binary thinkers, to notice your message and think differently it requires mixing up their familiar patterns. Finding new solutions to old problems. That’s the essence of creative thinking.

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