Doubt. Do you doubt yourself? Do you ever stare at a blank page and doubt you can fill it with something great? Do you doubt that your work is going to be as good as the next guys? Do you doubt that you’re a good creative?

Doubt is natural. But doubt must not be crippling if you’re going to be a successful creative. Having a creative mindset is critical working in a creative field. Fortunately, overcoming doubt can be learned.

Imagine if we remembered learning to walk. If we did, almost all of us would have the memory of learning to do the impossible. Human locomotion is more remarkable than winged flight. Sure, robots are now learning to do it but no other primate walks upright the way we do. We’re all capable of the greatness.

For students, filling the blank page with the a creative idea may feel impossible at first. But if everyday, you push through and fill it with anything. Then with something decent. Then with something good. And then with something better. Eventually you can get to great. You will start to believe you can. Doubt will fade.

You will still feel doubt. All great creatives question their work. But you’ll know how to push it aside and focus on the creative problem. Find a solution and make it great. With the right mindset, anyone can make a creative leap.

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