Scientism vs. Creativity

For those who don’t know, scietism is the excessive belief in the power of scientific knowledge and techniques.

This to me sounds a lot like the ad industry over the last decade with it’s obsession over data, technology and measurement. In some ways, these obsessions have overtaken the core business practice that agencies were designed to deliver, creative solutions to complex marketing problems.

When the going got tough after the 08 crash, many in the industry were happy to buy and sell the snake oil which offered the promise of measurable return – ROI. CMOs and procurement executives demanded results. It sounded perfect, let’s not put our trust in the hard to judge and measure creativity. Let’s go with the product that offers a spread sheet with “real results.” What suckers! I’m not going to provide laundry list of the fraud and rip offs advertisers have fallen for, just Google Ad Fraud.

I blame the CMOs, the planners, owners, media planners and even the CDs for not fighting harder against this “fake science.” This isn’t the first time our industry has been plagued with this kinda BS. Back in the 50s, agencies tried to find scientific methods for improving ad copy and design. Fortunately the 60s, Bill Bernbach and the creative revolution came along and blew this thinking out of the water.

It’s time for the second creative revolution!

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