Mr. Clean and I had a falling out. I’m not sure it’s gonna be OK.

Sometimes you just want a relationship to go back to when it was simple. But things are rarely simple these days. There’s so many ways we interact these days with social media being so important to everyone.

It used to be you could just turn things off and chill at home and no one would bother you. When you wanted to, you could interact. Now, you get on Facebook and everyone wants to be your “friend.” What if I don’t want to be your friend? I mean, there are some people, you know fake people who I don’t really want to be friends with. People like Mr. Clean.

I don’t really know this guy but he keeps popping up in my news feed like I’m supposed to “like” him and his posts. But we’re not friends. Its not as if I had any sort of resentment of him until he started stalking me. Always there when I open my computer. And why in the hell would I want to like him? He’s always doing this lascivious dance like I’m supposed to be attached to him. No offense dude but you’re not my type.  Also, I don’t really like to spend my days thinking about cleaning products. Does anyone really want to be friends with their floor cleaner?

So go just go do your little dance somewhere else and blow yourself off. Thanks, Jimmy

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