Creatives and their blind spots

My wife is very logical. He job is as an analyst. She sees how things work in a very logical step by step process. Things work in a chain like a machine. Input equals output. Often, I wish that I could see the world the way she does.

I’m a creative. I’m always looking for a better, more creative way to do things. Sometimes see things that other people don’t and a lot of times people don’t agree with what I think is absolutely obvious. But this way of thinking enables me to come up with ideas others don’t.

In a creative’s world, input still equals output but sometimes a different input could equal more output. Things don’t always go one step in front of another in my mind, sometimes they go side to side or backward.

This can be frustrating for my wife. Her way could definitely yield more dependable results. My way of looking at things may yield an unexpectedly good or possibly bad result. Fortunately, in life, we have each other to rely on.

In advertising account teams, spend a lot of time griping about the creatives. And creatives spend even more time complaining about the account teams who just don’t get it. But it’s important that we listen to each other. Many times, because we creatives literally see things differently, we also have blind spots. Blindspots that others will point out for us if we only listen.

In other words, sometimes the pesky account team actually has a point.

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