Creativity is fearless

Great athletes talk about going into the zone. A state of mind where everything else goes away except the act. They aren’t thinking about what they’re doing. They are just doing it without fear and without hesitation.

You’ve probably seen an athlete hesitate and flub the shot. And then the star make an impossible shot look effortless.

Golfers have a term for guys who lose their edge on the putting green. They call it the yips. There are all sorts of theories about why this occurs but the most popular one is that they’re thinking about it.

Being creative is the same way. If you fear the result of your actions you will never come up with the best solution. Will my boss think it’s stupid to have a pink bunny in the TV spot? Will the client balk at paying for a Beatles song in the spot? Will everyone laughs in a bad way if we put a shirtless man on a white horse?

Everyone fears failure but the successful creative is able to compartmentalize it, set it aside and ignore the negative thoughts and move forward to great.

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