Location Sound Mixer Rates

Hiring a location sound mixer can feel like an expensive task until you consider how much it costs when you don’t hire one. Having to fix problems with poor location audio can be a lot more expensive than hiring a competent professional to show up on set a record excellent audio.

Well, this begs the question, why are sound mixers so expensive? The answer is we’re not when you just look at the labor cost. In fact, as the head of the audio department, we’re usually much cheaper than the head of the camera department and on par with other department heads. The reason invoices from location sound professionals tend to be higher more is in the equipment we bring to set. Other department heads besides grip and lighting do not bring as much gear to set.

Look into a location sound mixers equipment package and it becomes pretty clear that there’s a lot of money sunk in gear costs. Producers expect location sound recordists to bring lots of gear to set. This includes boom mics, 6 or even 12 channels of wireless, IFB, slates, cables, adapters, timecode boxes, sound blankets, mixers, recorders, and various problem solvers should a problem occur. Mixers are always updating their equipment to meet the demands on set.

So what are common rates? For union jobs just visit your Local for the latest rates and for non-union feel free to negotiate based on equipment needed and whether it’s a 10hr day or a 12hr day.

If you have any specific questions on rates like “what does it cost for you to bring a digital slate?” Feel free to reach out on the contact page.

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