I’m a guest on the Location Sound Podcast

Just as the Covid-19 crisis was setting hold, I logged on with Michael (The Sound Guy) Helms to discuss sound mixing and how the pandemic was affecting us in the production business for the Location Sound Podcast. Michael is great to talk to and knows his stuff when it comes to production sound mixing so I really enjoyed talking to him about the biz and sound gear. Check him out on Instagram if you would like to see what he’s up to and see who else he’s had on his podcast.

The location sound podcast promo.

You can listen to my episode of the Location Sound Podcast here.

I briefly talk about the production sound equipment I use and the types of audio jobs I do and some of the experiences I’ve had on commercial and film set over the years. Most of them good, some kinda crazy and most educational. Including one really embarrassing situation involving a police motorcade. I hope you listen and enjoy it.

If you’d like to reach out and discuss it with me please contact me here.

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