Jimmy’s Week on the InterWebs 8-28-09

Posted late because, hey, I’m busy.

I think this is the story of the week just because it’s such a good example of both what is wrong and why there is hope for the social web. A PR firm, Reverb Communication, was busted for gaming the iPhone app store. They seem pretty unapologetic about their behavior and are raked over the coals for it by a blogger. This is story is a great demonstration of the shift to the “Trust Economy.” You had better be trustworthy or the blogger community will call you out.

Facebook adds Open Web Community leader. This doesn’t speak to any obvious news other than the direction they plan to go, open.

Facebook updated their iPhone app. It’s way better. Check it out if you use an iPhone, you’ll be pleased.

I talked to Gretchen Miller and Michael Strutton of Vitrue on Monday. They showed me their SRM tool which is still in beta. It enables users to get more out of Facebook with a automated platform that also provides some project management functions. It’s like a CRM system, but for FB. Which is probably where the SRM comes from. It also has link tracking built in, which is similar to what bit.ly does, but private. For a marketing department that’s very serious about their FB presence, this is a tool to look at. They also have a Twitter function in the works.

Are you familiar with TED? Nothing specific or new I’m calling out. But they are “ideas worth spreading.”

Finally got around to setting up my Google Voice account. This is a permanent free phone number that you can forward anywhere and some cool extras like email voice mail. Sing up. It’s free.

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