Jimmy’s Week on the InterWebs – August 21, 2009

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This is the first installment of Jimmy’s Week on the InterWebs. A very low-level look at what’s current and what I think would be interesting for agency folks that is happening on the Web. This may end up being a weekly blog article or it might not.

Lots interesting things going on with Facebook right now. Last week Facebook bought a little company called FriendFeed. FriendFeed had been on the radar of Web hipsters for awhile and is considered to be the next Twitter by some and potentially an even bigger hit.

FriendFeed is basically an aggregator of your social content on the web. It links your social accounts together so when you post something on the Twitter, FriendFeed picks it up, or if your Facebook friend puts something on their wall it will show up on FriendFeed too. You can post to multiple sites on FF as well. All that content in one place can get overwhelling, especially with their lackluster dashboard. But many smart people swear by this site as the future.

Last week, Facebook also announced FaceBook Lite. This is most likely intended to be a more streamlined version that will be a competitor to Twitter.

But it seems they’re also playing nice with Twitter for the benefit of Facebook admins with a tool that allows them to post to both their Facebook page and to Twitter. More about that here.

Next week I’ll be talking with Vitrue about their SRM tool for Facebook posting and tracking.

For a more in-depth analysis of where Facebook may be headed check out Jeremiah Owyang’s more indepth post.

Steamy is a social aggregator on steriods and most likely a precursor to what Google Wave will be. It’s basically a single Web page where you can access all of your communication and information. All of your RSS streams, email, chat, Facebook, social bookmarking, and even join news groups (remember those). This is a really cool service that probably seems pointless to many, but definitely demonstrates where the Web is heading (aggregation). I’ve been using and like it but don’t see it as an all-purpose tool.

In an attempt to stay relevant, MySpace has acquired a social music discovery site iLike. This is probably a good move for them to hold on to the music audience. If they could only do something to improve that awful interface.

Some of you may know that I’ve been listening and learning about tools to monitor the chatter on the Web. I still have a few more to learn about but if folks are interested in seeing and learning more about what each can do, let me know and I’ll share.

This site has been around for awhile but I only recently started paying attention to it. I dig it.

When of the neatest things I stumbled upon this week is the Personas site from MIT. It provides a graphic visualization of your online personality. Enjoy.

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