Ten things advertising people need to know about social media

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Notice this doesn’t say “Top Ten.” Just ten things, as a modest practitioner of copy and social media, I think aren’t obvious to people coming to social media from advertising.

I expect some people will have a few problems with this list. That should be expected, we are still defining social media. Got a problem, leave a comment. I’m listening.

  1. The PR people are way ahead of you in this arena. Their business has been shifting more dramatically and longer than ours.
  2. Social Media isn’t a threat to your job if you still have one and you take SM seriously. But if you don’t have a job, it could be your savior.
  3. Social media isn’t just about user generated content. You have to give people something to talk about.
  4. If you dig in and dedicate yourself to social media, you’ll gain more than you’ll give.
  5. Social media still needs a concept. If you just build it, they won’t come.
  6. Don’t concept for the technology. Social media isn’t usually “paid,” so do what makes sense for the brand and the concept. Just because the client said they want a Facebook page, doesn’t mean you should make one.
  7. Social media is about learning and sharing. Your social media executions should share something of value.
  8. You can’t tell half truths or even spin. The bloggers will skewer you.
  9. Social media isn’t a fad.
  10. Learning is more important than in other media.

I’m sure I must have missed something…

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