Recommended production sound mixers

I have a deep bench of recommended production mixers to call when I am not available. If I’m not available please feel free to ask if I can recommend a solid second choice locally in Atlanta or elsewhere.

Unfortunately, once may calendar fills up, there is no way I can cover two jobs on the same day. That’s why it’s important to have a strong list of trusted colleagues that can both help on my jobs and cover for me when I’m not available.

Sound, like camera, is a team discipline some. We work together to provide a production the best possible audio services. We have to trust each other to be effective. So any production sound professional I recommend will be trusted by me and my team.

Need someone to work on a feature? Or possibly to cover a network crew job? Maybe you have a commercial shooting tomorrow and your regular mixer called in sick. Maybe you need a boom op and don’t have any local connections in GA. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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