It takes more than a wow to keep people excited

Image by danorbit. via Flickr The latest technology to get people all hot and bothered in mobile web marketing is augmented reality. Because the technology is so new we don’t require any creativity from the people employing the medium other than than just using it proficiently. This is going to change rapidly with all Web […]

When employees tweet their mouth off

You knew it would happen. An employee was gonna blow a gasket on Twitter. So now you’re thinking maybe this social media thing needs to be clamped down on. And just when it was starting to pay off too. Well did you plan for when the implosion happens? You’ve got a plan for workplace accidents, […]

Some connections are just better

The interwebs got me in touch with an old friend last week I had not talked to since I moved east. I picked up the phone and we picked up where we had left off – it was a great conversation. It was also connection worth renewing. But there are some people I see every […]

Return to Normalcy?

Warren G Harding ran for president for promising a “return to normalcy.” The word normalcy didn’t sound normal back then either. But his slogan did tap into the uncertainty and rapid change of the time. They’d just gone through a war in which the rules had changed thanks to a technological transformation. The whole country […]

Nobody Knows Everything

I was talking with a group of social media folks about metrics the other day and it made me think of a famous quote by William Goldman, the Hollywood screenwriter “Nobody knows anything.” Goldman was talking about how nobody in Hollywood knows if a movie is going to do well. There are just so many […]

New Media Atlanta and the BackNoise controversy

My first experience with BackNoise ever was three weeks ago at the New Media Atlanta conference. BackNoise is a website that allows people watching an event to provide a running commentary of what is happening. They can do it anonymously or, if they choose, comment using their name. What this provided was a window into […]

How much should you have to give to get?

Like all parents of young children, I hate, hate, hate how much it costs to keep my kids in diapers. So when I opened a new pack of Huggies® I was happy to be notified I possibly had won a lifetime supply. All I had to do was fill out an online form. OK. But […]

Whatever it is you’re great at, something else is probably needed

The early part of my career was easy. Seemed like things just got better every year. I had my picture in CA Magazine within a few months of getting my first business cards printed. On my second job was as primary writer on the Oakley sunglasses business. My next job included a lot of TV […]

Social media isn’t free. Nor should it be.

A few months ago I worked on an advertising project that came up because a client was promised some free production and media. This offer was too good to pass up so they asked the agency to add some value and help make the most out of the opportunity. I bet you know where I’m […]

Think TV Is Dead? You must still be looking at the idiot box.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me in the last year that TV is dead. Unlike the changes we’re seeing in printed media, this couldn’t be further from reality. Nevertheless, the way we’re watching TV has changed. But there are some misconceptions about the way we’re watching TV. For example, that everyone […]