Location Sound Mixer Rates

Hiring a location sound mixer can feel like an expensive task until you consider how much it costs when you don’t hire one. Having to fix problems with poor location audio can be a lot more expensive than hiring a competent professional to show up on set a record excellent audio. Well, this begs the […]

Using Timecode Slates On Location

Utilizing timecode on set should be a very painless process provided you are using industry standard cameras with timecode capabilities and quality audio gear. Timecode enabled slates are very useful for ensuring your syncing process is smooth. One of the earliest ways used for syncing sound to picture was the simple slate. The video portion was […]

Understanding Microphone Patterns

In the last post I discussed the two main types of microphones dynamic and condenser. Both of these types of microphones can have different patterns. Patterns describe how the microphone sensitive the microphone is to sound waves in relation to the space surrounding the capsule. An helpful analogy that’s very imperfect might be a wide […]

Understanding Microphones – Dynamic vs Condenser

If you don’t mix sound for a living there’s not a lot of reason to learn the difference between the types of microphones. But when you spend your day trying to effectively gather audio on set you better become an expert on which microphone to use when. The first category is to consider is whether […]

Production Resources In Atlanta

Cinder Grip and Lighting: Independent grip and lighting rental. Good service for smaller productions including commercials, music video and indepent productions. EUE/ScreenGems: Large, full-services studio located near the airport. Fluid Films: Independent production company specializing in commercials, corporate, documentary and non-fiction. Full Frame Rentals: Independent camera rental company based in Atlanta. Gotham Sound: Atlanta outpost […]

To be a creative, you must live creatively

Creativity isn’t a habit. But it helps to have habits that will nurture it. Every creative has days where ideas are a little harder to generate. It’s what we do every day that helps us to either be able to spring back from a block or whether we fail to deliver great ideas every time […]

Creativity is fearless

Great athletes talk about going into the zone. A state of mind where everything else goes away except the act. They aren’t thinking about what they’re doing. They are just doing it without fear and without hesitation. You’ve probably seen an athlete hesitate and flub the shot. And then the star make an impossible shot […]

Creatives and their blind spots

My wife is very logical. He job is as an analyst. She sees how things work in a very logical step by step process. Things work in a chain like a machine. Input equals output. Often, I wish that I could see the world the way she does. I’m a creative. I’m always looking for […]

A non-traditional Super Bowl Post Mortem. Or a reminder for the peanut gallery.

Hey Asshole in the Peanut Gallery from last night’s #AdBowl, According to your tweet, you really hated the spot for XXXX last night. That creative team really blew their shot on the big stage of the Super Bowl. Man, if you had a chance to wow the tens of millions watching at home, you sure […]

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmul

In Creativity, Inc, Ed Catmul, the founder of Pixar tells the story of the creation and success of Pixar and also breaks down why he believes they have been so successful in producing blockbuster after blockbuster. Most of all, Creativity, Inc. is Ed’s story and his philosophy on running a creative business. He also delves into […]