Think TV Is Dead? You must still be looking at the idiot box.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me in the last year that TV is dead. Unlike the changes we’re seeing in printed media, this couldn’t be further from reality. Nevertheless, the way we’re watching TV has changed. But there are some misconceptions about the way we’re watching TV. For example, that everyone […]

Don’t start your social media effort with a Facebook page

When initially discussing social media with clients, often the first thing brought up is using Twitter or Facebook as an outgoing tool to push their advertising messages. If you’re thinking about social media from a traditional marketing perspective, there’s nothing wrong with this concept. It’s obviously a cheap media buy, and we all know that […]

Four predictions on the future of advertising. Yes, there is one.

Agencies have heard loudly that serving the same old sauce isn’t going to land new clients and keep old ones. Things have to change soI’m going to go way out on a limb and make some predictions.

Jimmy’s Week on the InterWebs 8-28-09

Posted late because, hey, I’m busy. I think this is the story of the week just because it’s such a good example of both what is wrong and why there is hope for the social web. A PR firm, Reverb Communication, was busted for gaming the iPhone app store. They seem pretty unapologetic about their […]

Ten things advertising people need to know about social media

Image via CrunchBase Notice this doesn’t say “Top Ten.” Just ten things, as a modest practitioner of copy and social media, I think aren’t obvious to people coming to social media from advertising. I expect some people will have a few problems with this list. That should be expected, we are still defining social media. […]

Jimmy’s Week on the InterWebs – August 21, 2009

Image via CrunchBase This is the first installment of Jimmy’s Week on the InterWebs. A very low-level look at what’s current and what I think would be interesting for agency folks that is happening on the Web. This may end up being a weekly blog article or it might not. Lots interesting things going on […]

So, you want to work in advertising. An open letter.

This is an open letter to the many who have asked me, and will ask me, about working in an tough industry. I’ve been slammed lately, seems like there’s just as much work these days but I’m doing a lot more things rather than creating ads. So I’m apologize if it’s taken awhile to get […]

Pay for tweet seems a lot like borrowed interest

One of the first things you learn as a copywriter is that borrowed interest is a lame way to engage a consumer. What is borrowed interest? It is borrowing interest from a celebrity or something perceived as interesting, like skateboards or superheros and attaching it to a product with no logical tie. Sex may have […]

Is Social Media Advertising?

Image by Straws pulled at random via Flickr Not so long ago advertising was TV, newspapers, magazine, outdoor and newspaper ads. Even with the Web in the mix, most “digital stuff” was left to digital specialist. As the digital space has become more important to consumers and clients and more money is invested, it’s become […]

The Gates Story Got Me Thinking About Our Industry

So let’s just get this out of the way. It’s wrong for police to abuse, be biggoted, racist or to racially profie. And let’s get this out of the way too. It’s wrong to verbally abuse and attempt to humiliate someone who’s job it is to protect your community. Not that either of those things […]